Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Keep on Moving

Do not you quit. Not because stopping will hinder your progress rate. But the real nature teaches that you could never stop. Although your silence there, the earth still take you around the sun. Then, move,
try, working. Work

A class photo of the 110th United States Senate.Image via Wikipedia

is not just to achieve something. Working to give happiness away. That is expected by the nature of you.

United States Capitol buildingImage by Bernt Rostad via Flickr

Water is not moving faster decay. The key that never opened more easily fibers. The machine that was lit more easily corroded. Only tools which are used not stored in a dusty drawer. Nature has taught me this. Do not stop trying, work, move, or you do something soon become old and useless.

Below is a list of failures of those who during his lifetime experienced many challenges and storms, but he's constantly trying to .......... and successful.

1831 - he went bankrupt in his business.
1832 - he suffered defeat in local elections.
1833 - he returned suffering from bankruptcy.
1835 - his wife died.
1836 - he suffered from mental pressure such that almost all mental hospital.
1837 - he suffered defeat in a speech contest.
1840 - he failed in the election of members of the United States Senate.
1842 - he suffered defeat to sit in the United States Congress.
1848 - he lost again in the United States Congress.
1855 - he failed again in the United States Senate.
1856 - he lost the election to occupy the vice president of the United States.
1858 - he lost again in the United States Senate.

1860 - he eventually became president of the United States.

Who is he? His name was Abraham Lincoln.
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