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Focusing On Self Pros

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"The kids, try writing three strong suit," said a teacher who was a mentor day retreat for children of primary school.

Minutes passed, but the kids still seemed confused.

With a half-acting, the teacher and loud: "Come on, write! If the guns, I'm torn your paper. "Cute kids immediately became uneasy.

Some of them, do seem to start writing. One of them write on paper, "Sometimes by mother said. Sometimes help the mother. Forkful sometimes younger eat."

Full of curiosity, the teacher asked him: "Why he writes sometimes? ". With a face full of innocence, the boy simply said: "It's just sometimes, the teacher"

When all the children had written her strengths, the teacher then continued the next instruction: "Now children, let's write down three weaknesses or things that are bad in you."

Instantly the room became noisy classroom. The children seemed excited. One of them raised his hand and asked: "Three course, the teacher?". "Yes, three-course!" Replied the teacher. Children were directly connect: "Mr. teachers, let alone three, ten too!".

What lessons can we learn from this simple story? I caught at least there are some important things we can learn. One of them, we often do not realize what the pros ourselves because the environment and the people around us far more often to communicate to us our flaws and shortcomings.

Recently, my wife and I watched on a television show of art from private persons with disabilities. We were really touched. There was a blind man who was so good at playing the piano or the harp. Men with no arms and deaf young woman who can dance so beautifully. "Unbelievable, she can dance with a full appreciation. Which makes me wonder, she's deaf but how come the rhythm of the song very well? ", Said my wife was amazed.

A blind man who sings with a melodious voice had said, "Brother, I have two eyes like you. But in front of me was just darkness. My mom said I could sing, and he gave me the spirit to sing. "

It is true what Alexander Graham Bell: "When one door closes, another door opens, but often times we are too old looking and regretted that the door had closed, so we do not see the door has opened for us."

Focus attention on our strengths and not our weakness.
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