Monday, November 30, 2009

Yes, Traore, tattoo Not Allowed In Islam!

Armand Traore's name may not be as famous as Nicolas Anelka or Robin van Persie in the world of football world. But along with the two men, Arman Traore was a Muslim footballer in the Premier League of England.
There's something else now in the way of thinking club Arsenal midfielder who started the most played by manager Arsene Wenger. He will remove the entire tattoo on his body. The reason is, because Islam, as religion-has been banned tattoos all over his body.
"I will undergo surgery at the end of the season to remove a tattoo," he told Arsenal Matchday.
"I plan to do in the summer. They (the doctors) would put me under anesthesia and then do it all, and when I woke up everything would be gone.
"It takes a little recovery time so I'll do it at the end of football season."
Traore, 20, felt that having a tattoo is a big mistake, and he was sorry for it.
"If I had lived my religion correctly before I have a tattoo, I would never have a tattoo," he explained.
"I think it's one of the biggest mistakes in my life, but I'll try to fix it.
"My religion has benefited me personally and in my career. I have always been a Muslim but I do not really train for it, I just say to people 'I am a Muslim'. This is a gradual development." Yes , Armand. Tattoos are forbidden in Islam. (sa / goal)

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