Thursday, November 12, 2009

973 Principles

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DID YOU KNOW PRINCIPLES 973 (Principles 973)?
Why only 3% of people who Success In Finance? Because when the opportunity comes .. There are 97% of people will:
* Think-think. (Too long to think)
* The fear / hesitate. (Overly cautious as bad as not careful)
* Not like now. (Delay)
* The money saved alone. (Confused, so play it safe, but your interest rate can not cover inflation)
* Not Trust. (Lack of knowledge but too embarrassed to consult a specialist & have successful)
* Did not have time. (Just as an excuse for laziness, to be sure you have a rest period of 3 hours per day)
* Waiting for the political and economic stability. (Just an excuse because in any case there is a chance)
* No money, etc.. (Most of the reason, but many of the solution if you want)

97% of people will join up later, finally left only 3% that can be enjoyed. (A lot of people fighting for what little remains). And only 3% of people who will:
* Quickly learn these opportunities and make decisions.
* Quick start with passion and heart every time.

The result: 3% People will enjoy 97% of the total results there. (Few people seem to enjoy the results so abundant) If you yourself are most like those 97% (the people in general). We suggest you to read the book RICH DAD, POOR DAD first. We believe your life will change if you are willing to open and read it ..
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