Monday, November 30, 2009

Introvert VS Extrovert

Where's personality is actually better? Introvert or Extrovert? How well do so could be a person with keribadian extrovert? If I chose for myself whether I have a disorder means? Why other people can have a more pleasant personality and I do not?
The sentences above may be asked questions that are general enough diatara people especially the teenagers who are required to be able to adapt to the surrounding environment. What was actually meant by personality traits Extrovert and introvert? Extrovert personality is a major stimulus personality comes from the environment. Therefore people with good social Extrovert personality, assertive, and open to the environment. Instead introverted personality is the main stimulus of personality comes from yourself. People with introverted personalities tend to be more closed, not assertive and enjoys individual activities.
Both these personality traits have positive aspects and negative, so actually there is no personality better or worse between the two. Being a loner does not mean a negative thing or a disorder, and vice versa with people who always need someone else. Every person has certain limitations in social comfort, social and open itself to the environment. Therefore there is nothing wrong with being Extrovert or introvert. Thing to note is that during these personalities do not harm yourself and others, then we do not need to have a very deep concern. But if the personality is very harm yourself and others, then we should do something. This does not mean changing ourselves totally, but we adjust to the environment.

The tendency to be alone to make our neighborhood shunned for refusing to work on group tasks.
The tendency to always need someone else disturb other friends who are preparing for the exam.

Based on consultation emails that go to the team Webkonseling, many are questioning about how to transform a closed personality (introverted) become more open. This is particularly related to their difficulty to adjust to the environment (work, school, college, etc.).
To make ourselves become more open to others, it is important for us to find out why more comfortable alone than hang out with other people. There are various reasons why people are more comfortable alone, such as shame, feel no PD, feel inferior / inferior, afraid of making mistakes, there are painful experiences in the past about friendship, etc..

There are a few suggestions that can be given so that we become more daring and open in social / hang out:
1. Eliminate negative thoughts about themselves
At the time of speaking or meeting with others, do not ever criticize ourselves. Eliminate the way the thoughts of people's opinions about us. For instance, "he did not like me", "I'm not good at speaking" etc.. Negative thoughts or self criticism would only hinder speech and our desire to get along because of what we think is not necessarily true.
2. Do not expect too much from others
Our efforts to get along with others must be accompanied also by our expectations of other people will respond to us. Instead, we do not have too great expectations of others. Because, if expectations are not met the more disappointed we are with others, which in turn can decide semnagat us to associate with other people back in other time. Not too much hope others will react in accordance with our wishes. It is natural if the answers are given they may only limited to "yes", "no" or short answers. This does not mean they do not like us or reject friends with us. Therefore, self-stick approach with them.
3. Talk about things that are common
In order to communicate with new people can go smoothly, begin by talking about things common, such as, hobbies, news, movies, music, events that are happening in the community excited, etc.. Not too much talk about yourself or anyone else because it would provoke negative reactions from others, not necessarily according to your purpose.
4. Be a good listener
If you find it difficult to find something to talk about, then you can be a good listener. Listen to the story or curhatan friend. You do not need too much talking, because usually people just want to be heard.
5. Do not start or engage debate
When you chat with your friends started pointing towards the debate, avoid. Do not make yourself you're trapped in a debate or a debate triggered, as this will only complicate you.
6. Start or select a group of friends a safe
In an environment, usually there are many different types of groups that have their own group identity. Generally, these groups have characteristics or similarities that can be based on status, hobbies, sex, etc.. If you want to hang out or have a close friend, start with the safe group. In this case is the group that is not misleading, does not require or groups according to you. That way you will be more comfortable in the group.
Hopefully Helpful!
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