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How to build assets

Entrepreneurship consultation with Zainal Abidin
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How To Build Assets

Assalamualaikum wr wb.

Mr. Zainal who I respect. Before I ask, I want to explain that I am now working in one of the foreign NGOs in Aceh. Praise for the work I've has particularly considerable savings. The problem for me now is, how do I establish my assets from the savings. Until now I have not been able to determine a suitable choice for the business I run.

Conditions in Aceh now opened up many business opportunities. But I have not been able to determine the right type of business to do. I beg an explanation of the father, how to start a business. Thanks.

Wassalam WYS


Wa salaam alaikum Wr. Wb.

WYS. Your opinion really. Aceh, especially the city of Banda Aceh, can be a city with such an attractive business opportunity. At least, this is what I got from a couple of times present in Banda Aceh to provide training, including for the former GAM combatants.

Try more intense monitoring. Browse some roads are big enough in Banda Aceh. I am sure, will you meet some interesting business and you may be able to run, for example, selling burgers, hot dogs, coffee and so on. Not only trade opportunities, but also other businesses such as travel services, tutoring, English language courses and so on.

To make your business more powerful pull, you must create a differentiation (differentiation). For example, to open a coffee shop, you can not do the same thing done by the coffee shop that already exists. Make something different, for example, sells coffee a la Starbucks or Coffee Bean. Banda Aceh, had become an international city.

Many foreigners, who like coffee, can not find waurng coffee like Starbucks or Coffee Bean. Try is you start to open a Starbucks-style coffee shop or Coffee Bean.

The price is expensive than regular coffee, but it is relatively cheaper than the two brands of coffee in the west.

So the answer I can give. Hopefully there are benefits. Good entrepreneurship. May Allah grant your wishes.

Wa salaam alaikum Wr. Wb. Zainal Abidin

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