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Shopping in Stores''Happiness''

A restless young and restless to see a wise man and asked,''How long do I need to get happy?''The wise man looked at the young man then replied,''about ten years.''

Hearing this young man was surprised,''so long?''He asked in disbelief.

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''No,''said the wise man,''I was wrong. You need 20 years.''
The young man was getting confused. Teachers''
Why turn down two?''He asked in astonishment. The sage then said,''Just think, in this case you might need 30 years.''

What comes to your mind when reading the story above? Do you know why more and more young people were asked, the longer the time needed to achieve happiness?

So, how do we find happiness? As I have often conveyed in this section, happiness will only be achieved if we want to search inside. However, it's all you can not get for nothing. You must be willing to pay the price.

For convenience I'll use the analogy of a shop. Store name is''Happiness shop.''There were no items called''joy''for''happiness''itself is not for sale. However, this shop sells all the goods that are the building elements of happiness, among other things: patience, sincerity, gratitude, compassion, honesty, resignation, and willing to forgive. This is the''stuff''you need to achieve happiness.

However, different from ordinary shops, this store does not sell the finished product. Sold here is the seed. So, if you're interested in buying''patience''you'll get''the seeds of patience.''Therefore, as soon as you get home you should strive to cultivate those seeds until he had the patience to bear fruit.

Every seed that you buy at the store contains a number of issues you need to solve. Only if you are able to solve these problems, you will reap the fruit. Seed is sold in the store also vary in degree. level 1''patience,''for example, is facing a traffic jam, or a bus driver reckless. Patience''level 2''means facing boss arbitrary, or friends who like to slander. Patience''3''level, for example, is facing child affected with autism.

Other menus such as''grateful.''''1''level Gratitude is grateful for the good times, while grateful for the''2''is grateful for the hard times. Level 1''Honesty,''for example, honesty in normal conditions, as''honesty''is a 2 level of honesty in a threatened condition. These are some products that can be purchased at the store''Happiness''.

Every product sold in the store the price varies according to the quality of the resulting character. The most expensive it is''patience''because patience is the raw material of all kinds of products sold there.

A philosopher Thomas Paine once said,''What we obtain too easily we esteem certainly less. Only mahallah price that gives value to everything. God knows how to put the right price on the goods.''

In this way we will deal with the problem differently. We will be friends with the problem. We also would welcome any existing problems with joy because in every problem is always contained''''drugs and vitamins which we need.

Thus you will be''grateful''to the people who have trouble you because they are''sent''to help you. Driver reckless, evil neighbors, boss arbitrary is an opportunity to establish patience. Income which is barely a chance to grow a sense of gratitude. The atmosphere is noisy and the noise is an opportunity to develop concentration. The people who ungrateful is an opportunity to foster feelings of unconditional love. The people who hurt you is the opportunity to grow the quality willing to forgive.

In closing, let us consider the following expression:
''I begged the power, and God gave me difficulties to make me strong. I begged wisdom, and God gave me problems to solve. I begged prosperity, and God gave me the body and brain to work. I begged courage, and God gave me a variety of hazards to overcome. I beg of love, and God gave the people with problems to me please. I beseech the blessing and the Lord gave me many opportunities. I do not get anything I want, but I got everything I need.''
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