Monday, November 2, 2009

Feeling lazy (Life Management)

Here are frequently asked questions about feeling lazy, the keynote speaker Satria Hadi Lubis
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Sir, how lazy against the entrenched sense in us? Thank you in advance.



Fatahillah, think lazy is the most dangerous excuse. This is because he killed your potential. When feeling lazy, you'll appear below your maximum performance, so you become less valuable and less useful in the presence of myself and others. Therefore, a sense of laziness to be fought. Lazy to make one's potential to be hidden or appear but too late. Sloth makes someone like paralyzed. Limp and powerless to avoid it. His mind becomes irrational, his soul is empty and the actions to be irresponsible. How can I fix? Many ways have been offered the experts to handle, but the most effective way is: Just do it! (do it, without delay!). So to overcome feeling lazy, just what do you think should be done. Do not wait and do not look for a reason! Whatever the reason for delaying the work, forget it! For most of the reason is the reason sought. Because of that, just do it! Do it now! Because if you delay the more you are lazy and afraid to do so. Instead increasingly delayed, the more excited and motivated you to do so. In addition, you also need to know that sometimes the spirit of doing a job just to come and the greater the same time as you do the job. The spirit of work often appears not before doing the work, but when you do the job. This is the secret of overcoming feeling lazy, If your mind starts trying to rationalize for the delay, saying loudly and firmly to yourself: Just do it! No Reasonable! Do it now! Do many reasons! Then you will be able to overcome feeling lazy and do not procrastinate doing the work.

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