Monday, November 16, 2009

Learning From Birds & Worms

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If we are experiencing hardship because of
crush the material needs, then we try to remember
in birds and worms.
We see birds every morning out of the nest
to find food. Not previously imagined where
and where he must find the necessary food.
Therefore, sometimes the evening he came home with a stomach
full and can bring food for his family,
but sometimes it was just enough food for his family,
while he had to "fast". In fact, he often
home without carrying anything for his family so that
he and his family must be "fast". Although birds
more often experience food shortages because not
have "office" that remain, especially after the land
diserobot many people, but that obviously we
have never seen a bird trying to

We never saw a bird suddenly
dived banged her head on a rock. We
have never seen a bird that suddenly
immerse themselves into a river. We never
saw a bird who choose to drink poison
end his suffering. We see the birds remain
rizki optimistic about the promise of God.

We'll see, though hungry, every morning he still
Twitter with sweet. Birds seem to realize
true that this life, a time to be
above and on the other slammed into the bottom of time. A
time advantages and shortcomings later. A
satiation and on the other time when famine.

Now let us look weaker animals
of birds, the worms.

If we notice, the animal was as if no
have a reasonable means to survive or
survival. He does not have legs, hands,
horn or perhaps even he did not have
eyes and ears. But he is also living
and, together with other living things, he has
when the stomach is not filled then it will die. But
we see, with all its limitations, the worm
never despair and frustration to find
rizki. We've never seen a worm that
banging his head against a rock.

Now we see the human. If we compare
a bird or a worm, then the facilities owned
people to earn far more sophisticated.

But why people who provided many advantages

This is often lost from the bird or worm?
Why do humans much of the desperate and committed suicide
facing difficulties faced?
And think-think we have never seen a worm
who attempted suicide because of despair.

Apparently we need a lot to learn from the birds and worms.
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