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Never Stop

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Author: Gede Prama

Some historians believe, that Winston Churchill's speech of the most influential was w
hen he spoke at the graduation ceremony at Oxford University. Churchill was preparing this speech for hours. And when the speech came, Churchill spoke only three words: 'never give up' (never stops).

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For a moment I felt was mediocre. But when somebody asked me, how can I presentation in public with such a controlled way, I am reminded again of this Churchill speech.

Many people think if I could speak in public as it has from the beginning. Of course it is not true. Initiall
y, I was a shy, irritable, scared and insecure mix.

And when he began professional public speaker, often I am ridiculed, abused and humiliated people. From the wording 'T' that never plate, hot foot like a worm, not able to make people laugh, talk too much theoretical, sophisticated terms that do not need, as well as a myriad of other shortcomings.

Not able to sleep a few weeks, stress, or fall ill, it was used. Never even recommended that my students have become professors fired in my teaching.

Similar experiences have happened to many excellent insurance agent. Rejected, slamming doors, insulted, suspected persons, until the abused may have been immune. Humanitarian fighters like Nelson Mandela and Kim Dae Jung likewise. Savings that they have difficulty mounting such. From jail, almost killed, tortured, dikencingin, but did not stop fighting.

What is behind all this experience, apparently behind the tenacious attitude to never stop this, often hide a lot of perfection in life. Similar to water dripping on the same rock over and over again, just because it never quit attitude that makes the stone hollow.

Iron only hammer forged knives after repeated large, hot fire and burned hundreds of degrees Celsius. Large banyan tree hundreds of years old, survived the hurricane thousands, millions of rain, and a variety of temptations that ruined.

On one occasion in early June 1999, while accompanying his wife and children, I had dinner at one restaurant in front of Sanur Bali Hyatt hotel. What makes this event so relived, because at this restaurant my wife and I met a singer who so entertaining entertainer.

The man with the face of this plain, just playing music and singing by herself. Capital, just a guitar and an organ. However, the resulting mixture of music so amazing. My wife and I have been in many restaurants and cafes. However, the concoction of music and musicians presented a solo singer was so touching. Almost every song he sang to invite admiration, my wife and many other tourists. It was hard to forget the sweet memories together

singer. Some tips and my gratitude in, apparently not enough to pay my wife keterhiburan.

On one occasion staying at one of the guest house Caltex Pacific Indonesia in Pekan Baru, once again I met a wonderful man. House boy (read: maid) is responsible for the guest house that I live so touched my heart. Every movement of work done with a whistle. Or at least as happy and smiling a little. Almost all things in the head, without the need to be translated into orders, he performed perfectly. Purwanto, thus the name of this small staff, melakoni profession with no complaints.

The difference in the Sanur singer and most human Purwanto, the longer and more regular work was done, he was not followed by the boredom which then accompanied by a desire to quit.

When boredom arises in teaching, there is temptation in the office dirty politicking that followed the ego wants to stop, or saturated writing, I am ashamed of Sanur and the house singer at the boy. In the middle of a routine so suffocating, so monotonous life, the two men on top, as if the schools of the speech did Winston Churchill: "never give up."

You may admire the writing of this, or I admire, but you are more worthy of admiration and Sanur on the singer on a house boy. Without a lot of theories, without the need to write, without the need to patronize, they are conducting a profession with a simple principle: "Do not ever stop."

I often feel inferior and despicable in front of the man as a singer and a maid at the top. Imagine, as a consultant, public speaker and director of a private company, of course I was on the social status and higher incomes greater than they. However, they have a mental "never give up" the more admirable.

Sometimes I had to think, lest the social level and higher income, do not make a mental "never give up" getting stronger.

If this is true, the people down like a servant, traders meatballs, security guards, drivers, a lowly singer, and artisans kebunlah teachers we truly are.

Maybe Winston Churchill's speech inspiring - as quoted at the beginning - actually derived from the last teachers.
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