Sunday, November 8, 2009

Between children and money

The small 6-month-old curled up sleeping. I lie down beside him, watching him from behind. Nian small child, my inner funny ....

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Why do people want children? I thought so. Are not children just added hassle?

A family with children may be the reasons vary. I think the level of their expectations to the child were also different.

The lowest level, I think, are those who have kids just to feel normal life like everyone else. If you have a family, it was supposed to be a child. If not there, yes .. means less normal, not like other people generally. That's about the way some people look at this level, the child is seen as an event through which it should be. Mediocre.

The second level is higher are those who view children as property. Usually their goal is to get children the joy and pride. Elated has a funny toy, yes son it. Also proud that his son good-looking, or high achievers. 's Worth to be proud of. Son is entertainment. People at this level want the child just have fun on the side, just happy-happy. Difficult matter, please handled servants. When children get older, it makes more, I'll have a small and cute anymore.

The third level are those who see children as a preparation in the old days. This more advanced thinking, would not we be getting older, who will take care of us? Son is insurance. Children who work and succeed, which is usually observed is the result of the money, is the guarantees to avoid suffering in the old days. That's why a lot of parents who encourage their children to school and work success. Children's success parents come guaranteed? Children are an investment. Son is insurance.

Highest level are those who view child is a charitable fields. Same with the third level is looking at children is insurance. The difference is, at the level of the three children is seen only as insurance in the world, while the fourth level of the child is seen as insurance in the afterlife. Only some people truly realize that the child is the most important insurance that will provide uninterrupted charity when the parents have died. Of course it happens when the child is a child who pray for righteous parents. At this level parents to educate their children in order to focus on a righteous child who gave his life so that benefits are to their parents.

We should be people on the fourth level.

Apparently so does the money.

There are people who look for the money only as a normality of life. Live ya ... for the money. No work, it was not so human. Work it'll be normal, can live like other people in general.

The second level is to look at money to find joy and pride. Usually the money is used for the fun day. Insights on very short of money, yes money is used. Enjoy it ....

The third level is the view money as a preparation for the future. They think about money so that at a difficult time in their old age already have preparation. Money they had planned As with the insurance world.

Well, of course, the fourth level are those who see money as a way of charity. The money is seen as insurance for the afterlife. Through the money they can save as much reward for dead stock.

We should be people on the fourth level.

We should look at kids and money at the highest level of expectations, the savior of our lives, both in this world and the hereafter ....

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