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An example story from China

In Zhejiang Province of China, there was a boy of extraordinary, call it the name Zhang Da. Great attention to daddy, who never gave up her life and willing to work hard, and the actions and words that touch the heart create Zhang Da, a boy who was 10 years old when he started it all, worthy of exceptional children
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So rare a child who did so, so that when the Government of China to hear and investigate what Zhang Da do so they decided to bestow the award to the High Country. Zhang Da is one of the ten people who had committed acts declared exceptional among China's 1.4 billion population. Exactly 27Januari 2006 the Government of China, in Jiangxu Province, Nanjing City, as well as national broadcast throughout the country, giving awards to 10 (ten) wonderful people, one of them is Zhang Da.

In 2001, Zhang Da abandoned by her mother who can not bear to live with the poor and because the husband is ill. And since that day, Zhang Da Papa lived with one who can not work can not walk, and sickly. These conditions forced a snot-nosed kid who was not yet 10 years old to take a very heavy responsibility. He had to school, he must find food for daddy as well as himself, he must also think that drugs are certainly not cheap for him. In conditions like this is incredible tale begins Zhang Da. He is still too small to carry the responsibility of this difficult and bitter. He is one of the many children who must accept the bitter reality of life in this world.

But what makes different Da Zhang is that he did not give up. Life must go on, but not by doing evil, but take responsibility for the continued life and daddy. So Zhang Da expression when faced with government delegates who want to know what he was doing.

He began a new chapter in her life by continuing to attend school. From home to school must walk through a small forest. On the way to and from school was, he began to eat leaves, seeds and fruits which he met. Sometimes he also found a kind of fungus, or grass, and he tried to eat it. Of trying to eat it all, he knows where that can still be tolerated by the tongue and which he could not eat. After hour after school in the afternoon and evening, he joined the masons to cut large stones and earn wages from that job. Work as a stonemason he used to buy rice and medicines to daddy. Live like he lived for five years but the body remains healthy, fresh and strong.

ZhangDa Caring for the Sick daddy.

Since the age of 10 years, he started the responsibility to take care of daddy. He was carried to the toilet daddy, he wiped and bathed occasionally daddy, he bought the rice and make porridge, and all matters daddy, all he's done with a sense of responsibility and love. All of this work into the daily responsibilities. Zhang Da injecting himself daddy. Drugs are expensive and far away places to make Zhang Da medication thought to find the best way to overcome all this. Since the age of ten years he began to learn about drugs through a book that he bought secondhand. What makes it remarkable is that he learned how a nun memberikaninjeksi / injections to patients. After he felt he could, he was desperate to inject his own daddy. I am really impressed, if a small child playing doctor and injections were used. But if a child is given an injection of 10 years like a nurse or doctor who is accustomed to give injections I found out just Zhang Da. People can say what he did is an act of desperation, I thought so. But if we can understand the condition so I want to say that Zhang Da is intelligent, creative children and want to learn to overcome the current difficulties in life and existence. Now the job is done injecting daddy for about five years, Da makaZhang already skilled and expert shooting.

Mama I Want to Return

When the eyes of officials, businessmen, artists and famous people who attended the awards ceremony is being directed to Zhang Da, Master of Ceremonies (MC) asked him, "Zhang Da, call it what you want, the school where, and what you longed to happen in your life, how much money you need until you finish college, grew up going to college where, you name it. Just what dream you call it, there's a lot of officials, businessmen, famous people who attended.

Currently there are hundreds of millions of people who were looking at you through the television screen, they can help you! "Da Zhang fell silent and not answer anything. MC also said again to him, "Call it, they can help you" A few minutes of Zhang Da is still silent, and with a shaky voice he replied, "Mama I Want Back. Mama back to the house, I can help Dad, I can get something to eat myself, Mama Come back! "Da Zhang talked so loud and full of hope.

I can see a lot of viewers to tears because moved, I was not expecting what comes out of his mouth. Why did not he ask for medical facilities daddy, why did he not ask for a deposit sufficient to alleviate his life and little provision for his future, why he did not ask for a small house near the hospital, why he did not ask for a card from the government to ease when he need, see the cover letter that he held all will help. I really do not understand, but I knew what he was asking, that's the most important for him. Mama I Want to Return, a phrase that may have been buried since then saw him leave his mama and daddy.

Not everyone can be as strong and as powerful as Zhang Da mensiasati difficulties in this life. But each of us must have been blessed with the ability and strength to undergo the test ygistimewa in the world. No matter exam faced reply there's a way out ... ditiap every difficulty there is ease, and God will not impose difficulties beyond the capacity of his people. So do not give the circumstances, if it were less fortunate, being defeated .... SHAKE UP! because the real victory will be given to anyone who has tried as hard as his ability.

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