Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Learning Tree of Life of An Old Man

Life is a process. Face with RIGID!

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Once there was a child who had just graduated from school to go to town. The main goal to find a job. And of course change the fate. He's just an ordinary farmer's son. Every day he was always accustomed to a very simple life. His parents were too old to be reliable. Finally, before his departure to the city. He also met with his father to ask for advice. "Dad, your son tomorrow morning is going to go into town in search of work. Father would allow me to go ". The man said, "My son, the father can not give any stock? But before you go. Dad wanted to show something to you. "The boy saw his father quizzically. "Is it, father?". The father did not answer. He smiled and said, "Come with me?". Then he was walking. Followed by his son from behind with a question mark.

Apparently they went to the back yard. There was an old tree is very large. He's probably been hundreds of years. They went up. And standing right in front of the old tree. The father then said, "My son let you see this old tree?". The child begins to notice that old tree. He could see only an old tree does not have any meaning. Its trunk is also very difficult to be embraced by relying on his own. It takes three to five people. This tree did not know what types of plants including? That he knew this tree was there since he was little. It could be before he was born. "Dad, I do not see the special of this tree". Replied the boy. The father also slowly begin to approach the tree more closely. And his hands had touched the root of the tree. Then he said, "The tree is so sturdy stand up to the present. And we never take care of. And he grows naturally. When the rain he had become wet. The summer he had a drought. But through the process of rain and drought make him a solid and strong. "

The father looked at his son with a full sense. As he went on to say, "Every time you face the problem when you're in town. Remember this tree? He can pass it well. Although you have a big problem though. It all makes you stronger and tougher. No crashes by a large wind. Rely on the Creator to help your life. If you only rely on yourself and others is only temporary. You are more disappointed. But if you rely on the Creator, you never disappointed. "The father was ending the conversation with the child. The child begins to understand. In the city later that he should be ready to face any difficulty. And only rely on the Creator, he must successfully achieve their dreams.


In our lives today. We are always teransang to achieve rapid success. The term instantly cool. Without taking the trouble. And we all know that there is a law of nature that we can not avoid the legal process. Try to remember when we were babies. We started from learning to crawl. Through trial and error process several times. Maybe it could also hundreds of times. We just can learn to stand. After our legs strong and sturdy. It was not until we started walking. Starting from one, two, three step process smoothly. Then we started to walk. After our smooth running, then we run, climb, jump and all the other activities we can do. Is it all instantly? The answer must be. NO!. All through a struggle PROCESS.

My question is, how so we can get through this life process is strong and sturdy? Of course we must be ready to face any difficulties that come. Not avoid it. Look at the hard rock. Can penetrate through the process of dripping water continuously. With tested makes us become stronger mentally. Here comes our mental powers such as courage, perseverance, loyalty, etc.. And one more thing that makes us strong is that we must have a MENTOR. People who are ready to provide input for each of our progress. Mentor is the most loyal of our parents. They are the driving force for us more advanced. We can choose a mentor, someone who already has the achievement and reputation in the field that we field. Not only provide criticism. But he was also able to guide us to be successful. And do not forget the true mentor is the Creator himself. We must always listen to his advice. Through prayer regularly. Do not forget we are grateful for your gift every day.

(Daniel Kurniawan)
NEVER EVER GIVE UP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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