Friday, November 13, 2009

Child Chicken & Eagle

Once there is an eagle egg that fell on the chicken coop. Eagle eggs were then incubated by a hen. A few weeks later the eggs were hatched and a baby was born an eagle.

Photo taken by me. The egg was removed from a ...Image via Wikipedia

Bald eagleImage via Wikipedia

Children also learn to live eagle with the kids the other chickens. Because not realize that he is an eagle, the eagle had learned to scrape the ground to find his favorite meal worms. He never learned to fly because of the mother and her friends did not train him to fly. He also started talking chips? .. Chips?. call parent

One day an eagle passed over the chicken coop. Swerved to the left, right and occasionally threw his eyes to the chicken coop. Son of an eagle was seeing the most powerful bird, and then ask the parent chickens, "Mom, what's that bird?" "Oh, that eagle," his mother replied "Can I fly like her Mom?" eagle boy asked again "Ha ... ha?. ha, you, mother, sister and other brother were all the same, no one can fly. It's meant we can not fly. Our lives are ya just can dredge ground for worms. It quickly went inside, it was getting dark, we are soon blurred vision "

If only the child's hawks did not believe what was said by the world? .. How about you?

The story is taken from the story anonymous. From this story you should be able to realize your true potential and then begin to build your motivation up from a chick into a hawk
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