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Be Stubborn People Who!

Author: IPhO Santoso
Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki had warned, both in daily life, business, investment, work and other areas, we must think to win, not just not lose. Related to that, I am very comfortable with General Electric (GE), the second largest company in the world. Beginning in 1876, relying on its technology strengths, GE and then extended household appliances, electric lamps, financial, aircraft jet engines, nuclear power, and others.

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Since moving in all the land, began the 1970s was transformed into a giant GE that are not nimble fat and wasteful. Fortunately, in 1981 led GE's extraordinary figure named Jack Welch. With a shout, "Fix, close, sell!" He also hand over 200 subsidiaries and acquire other companies 1700. Criteria dump or simply acquire subsidiaries, to be number one or number two in the field. If not, GE will forget that field. Other terms, make sure to win, not just not lose.

When he entered, the value of GE is U.S. $ 14 billion. When he came out 20 years later, its value jumped as high as U.S. $ 130 billion. If may be arrogant, no one business leader on this earth that could double the value of such, other than himself. Lately, GE assessed for half a trillion dollars and in 2006 the GE brand valued of U.S. $ 48,907 million. GE Be one of the most expensive brands in this universe. And it all stems from the philosophy of winning, not just not lose.

On the ground water, a little-a lot of Ciputra Group, Kem Chicks, and Astra International also practice that philosophy. In any field, they fight to win, not just not lose. And believe it or not, the main step to achieve it is to be a stubborn person. Of course, in the sense of persistent, rather than random ndableg. Please highlighted it. Unfortunately, Indonesia has been known as a friendly nation, not a nation which fiercely. If Japan and Korea, then touted as the indomitable nation.

Take note, both Ciputra, Bob Sadino, and William Soerjadjaja also been in debt and even bankruptcy. Is no exception. At least at certain periods. However, they did not kepikir to balik kampung. Instead of that, they actually go forward. Now, they are icons in their path.

An economist from Bangladesh, Muhammad Yunus, will show us all what is meant by persistent. Obsession as it is how local banks can channel and extended credit to people who are very poor. Just imagine, many of them expect the loan ranges from 12,000 rupiah.

A very noble idea this time he handed over the place, but it all just shook his head. Any smart as he argues, is still bankers and government officials argued, "People do not feasible given the protracted credit." Fortunately, he was among those who persevere. He uninstall and leave the way of a bird. Instead, he even wore a worm perspective, in which he tried to find out what lies right in front of the eye. With a sniff. With the touch.

At first, he just became a kind of guarantor for the very poor people. Eventually, he ended up starting his own bank, of course in accordance with the concept that he had dreamed from the beginning. His name Grameen Bank. Unexpectedly, the bank now had to handle 46,000 villages in Bangladesh through more than 1,200 branches. For his services which is tireless, he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. That is the fruit of perseverance.
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