Friday, November 27, 2009

Floods in Saudi Arabia, There Is?

Very heavy rain and floods hit Saudi Arabia. According to gulfnews, 13 people were killed and thousands of pilgrims trapped in Jeddah airport on Wednesday (25/11).
There is with this? As we all know, Saudi Arabia is a hot country. If anything happens rain, and even then never large and only occurs in a long distance.
Floods inundate the streets of Mecca. "We are stuck because of water and rain. God willing, everything will be fine." Hakan said, a pilgrim from Istanbul Turkey when he was waiting for a bus to Mecca.
This is the rainfall heaviest for many years, that never happened in the Saudi kingdom, floods inundate many roads and buildings in Jeddah. Currently around 1.6 million pilgrims came from all over the world.
Maybe we should reflect on one of the Prophet Muhammad's hadith: "Last Day will not come to us until the Arab plains once again become pasture land and filled with rivers." (Muslim Hadith). Is there any relation with this? Wallohu alam
bi Shawwab. (sa / gulfnews}
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