Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A Little Girl and The Golden Box

In a poor family, a father looked annoyed at his daughter who was three years old. His daughter had just spent the money to buy gold wrapping paper to wrap a gift box.

The next day, the girl was given the gift as a birthday gift to his father.

"This is for dad," said the girl child.

The father was so angry. But when he opened the box and get it empty, the burst of anger.

"Do not you know, if you presented a gift to someone, you have to give an item in this box!"

The little girl looked at him with tears in her eyes. She said sobbing, "Oh my father, actually I've put something into the box."

"What you put into this box? Did not you see this box empty? "Shouted his father.

"Oh dad, really I have put nearly a thousand kisses to my father into the box," whispered the girl.

The father was shocked to hear her little girl. He then hugged tightly to her daughter and apologized.

It is said, people tell me that, he always put a gift box is on the edge of his bed until the end of life. Whenever he experienced disappointment, anger or a heavy burden, he thought there were thousands of kisses in the box that reminds her daughter love.

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And indeed we have received a gold box filled with unconditional love from parents, wife / husband, child, spouse, friends and our friends. Nothing is more beautiful and valuable in life than love.

Adapted from: Ana Lucia, A Little Girl and The Golden Box
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