Thursday, November 19, 2009

Life is a choice

Jerry was a restaurant manager in America. He
always in good spirit and always had a thing
positive to say. If someone asked
him about what he was doing, he
would always reply, "If I can be a more
well, I'd rather be twins! "

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Many ministers in the restaurant out if Jerry moved
work, so they can continue to follow the
one restaurant to another restaurant. Reasons why
the waiters followed Jerry out
is because of her attitude.

Jerry was a natural motivator. if employees
was having a bad day, he was always there in
there, telling the employee how to look at
the positive side of the situation being experienced.

Seeing this style really made me
curious, so one day I met Jerry and
asked him, "I do not understand! No way
someone becomes a positive-minded people
all the time.

How can you do? "Jerry said,
"Every morning I wake up and say to myself, I
have two options today. I can choose to
is in a good mood or vote in
a bad mood. I always vote in the atmosphere
good. Every time something happens, I can
choose to be a victim or I learned from
incident. I always choose
learn from it. Each have someone deliver
complaints, I can choose to receive complaints
they or I can take the positive side ..
I always choose the positive side. "

"But it is not always that easy," I protested. "Yes,
it is, "Jerry said," Life is a
choice. When you remove the whole problem, each
it is a choice. You choose how
responding to all the circumstances.
You choose how people around you
affected by feeling.
You chose to exist in good condition or
bad. It is your choice how you live. "

A few years later, I heard Jerry had
disaster unthinkable happened in
the restaurant business: do not let the back door
locked in one morning and robbed by three men
armed. When trying to open the safe, his hand
shaking with nerves and one dial
combination. The robbers panicked and shot him.
Luckily, Jerry was found quickly and immediately taken to

After undergoing surgery for 18 hours and a week
intensive care, Jerry was able to leave home
pain in several parts of the bullet was still in
in the body. I saw Jerry about six months after
the disaster.

When I asked Jerry how he was doing, he
replied, "If I can be better, I'm more
like to be twins. Want to see the former
my wounds? "I looked down to see his wounds,
but I was also asked what the
his mind as the robbery.

"The first thing that comes to mind is
that I had to lock the back door, "Jerry replied.
"Then after they shot and I
lying on the floor, I remembered that I had two
choices: I could choose to live or die. I
choose to live. "

"Are you not afraid?" I asked. Jerry continued,
"The great medical experts. They kept saying that
I'll recover. But when they wheeled me into the room
emergency room and saw the expression on the faces of doctors
and sisters I was so scared. Their eyes said 'People
This will die '. I knew I had to take
action. "

"What are you doing?" I asked. "There is
fat nurse who asked me, "said Jerry." He
asked if I had allergies. 'Yes' I replied ..

The doctors and nurses stopped working and they
waiting for my answer. I took a deep breath and
yelled, 'Bullets! " Amid the laughter of their I
say, 'I choose to live. Help me
operated as a living, not dead '. "

Jerry can live because of the expertise of doctors, but
also because of his amazing life. I
learned from him that every day you can choose
whether you will enjoy your life or hate it.

One thing that yours truly could not
controlled by others is the attitude of your life,
so if you can control it and all
things in life will be easier.

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