Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Generating spirit Husband (Life Management)

Here are frequently asked questions about Generating spirit Husband (Life Management) , the keynote speaker Satria Hadi Lubis
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Assalamu'alikum wr. wb. Sir,

go directly to the problem:
My husband works in Jakarta, while we lived in Parung, driving to work about two hours. Lately, he often complained of physical tired because the trip is far too tired due to workload inner (excess thinks) in the office.
Hearing my husband complains it is also so affected by negative energy, I also became an innate want angry.
Our house is far away from work because it was merely capable. Right now my husband wants to get out of work.
How do I motivate my husband that the work is worship and when served with sincerity can be more easily.

Mother Oi

Oi Mother I respect, work is already a duty husband in providing for the family. And therein lies the responsibility of a head of household.
A husband and wife as a companion also play an important role in helping the success of her husband worked.
A large workload in the office, only at the outpouring of his wife complain.
Oi Mother Try to always comfort her when she complained. Entertainment that's become one of the recipes my husband to be motivated again that he worked hard for it not in vain.
Gentle words of the wife is in providing the understanding that the work is worship and jihad is the field of a husband of course has its own value in the husband's heart.
Gratitude and good reception from the wife can also be a morale factor for the husband to work and improve their quality of work.
May be different when the husband came home with a sense of fatigue, but when he got home was waiting for 'fatigue' others.
Resulting in additional stress for the husband alone. Khadija's story is always entertaining and accompanying Muhammad. in the early prophetic examples may be an important role of a wife.
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