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Household build a harmonious

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Household build a harmonious

We have our marriage age had walked 3th more, but I and the wife still could feel the beauty of a harmonious household. Many things can trigger arguments between us, from financial problems, habits of life, and especially communication problems, etc..

Frankly I was a difficult person to communicate, but I still try. But usually the wife would comment uncomfortable with what I'm trying to point out that I finally chose to retreat.

This makes me more difficult to start communicating with the wife. Please advice how to build a positive communication with the wife so that our household could be harmonious.

Build harmony in the household was not easy, because marriage is a union of two persons who came from different backgrounds, be it social, cultural, economic and family environment. Therefore often heard though marriage has endured for years still collided with the obstacles in building
harmony husband and wife.

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As you admit, 3 years of marriage at the age has yet to be felt in the marriage harmony. Many of the causes that trigger your arguments with his wife, from financial problems, habits of life and especially the frequent communication problems at a stalemate.

Communication deadlock is a frequent cause of difficulty can be paired to recognize and understand each other. Although each individual has a different, but actually still be aligned along a willingness to make disclosure.

To break the deadlock with his wife communication, you should try to practice both express any feelings, desires, and discomfort in the pair. If still in doubt, try to write it first as a love letter for example.

In addition, you need to practice to be a good listener and remain silent, attentive and avoid arguing as mutually express their feelings.

But also keep in mind when trying to open communication with his wife, doing at the time and the right conditions, such as being affectionate and get along with his wife. Avoid the condition of the tired, hungry, sleepy or when he was sad.

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If the pattern of communication has been developed well, it will be easier for each partner to be able to understand each other. Should be remembered that after marriage should no longer feature each individual egos.

Because in a conjugal relationship not a relationship between me and you again, but our relationship. Therefore in deciding any opinion of our partners to be very important, because the husband and wife are one entity.

Note also the relationship between husband and wife, make our partners as partners and friends whose relationship is based on a sense of love and affection. Sense of love itself must always
be maintained and nurtured to grow, develop and secure the various problems of life come hit.

Way, see, remember and find as much as possible the benefits of our partners. Then look for, remember and realize the deficiencies themselves. This may sound cliche and trivial well, but when it's done often we realized when we discovered just how many reasons to fall in love with our partners., And thank goodness, kindness.

Finally, every heart belongs to God, so to knock the heart of the owner's heart approach. Ask the Lord to worship in order to multiply your heart always be combined and wife in love with him.
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