Thursday, December 17, 2009

Ants and Flies

Some seem to fly flies feasting on a garbage can in front of a house. Once a child out of the house owner and does not close the back door of the house and then appeared a fly flew into the house rushed it. The fly directly toward a table filled with delicious food. "I'm bored with that rubbish, it's time to enjoy fresh food" he said.

After the flies fed rushed to get out and fly to the door as he entered, but it turns out the glass door had terutup meeting. The fly landed on the glass door while his friends watched the waving his arms as if asking him to rejoin them.

The fly flew around the glass, occasionally jumping and crashing glass, with the relentless flies trying to get out of the glass doors. The fly was crawling around the glass from top to bottom and from left to right and back so over and over again and again. Day evening the fly getting it appeared exhausted and hungry and the next morning it seemed that flies hung limp on the floor.

Not far from where it appears a group of red ants marched out of the nest to find food and when he encountered a helpless fly it, once they are crowded and hilarious biting fly the body to death. Ant herd it was a gang carrying the carcass of the poor flies toward the nest.

In the course of a small ant asked older colleagues "What's with these flies sir?, Why he's dying?".

"Oh .. it often happens, there is just a dead fly in vain like this, they actually had tried, he really had to fight hard to get out of the glass door but when he did not also find a way out, he was frustrated and tired until eventually dying and falling into our dinner menu "little ants seemed nodding, but was curious and asked again" I still do not understand, instead of a fly that was trying hard? why not work? ".

Still, walking and carrying a dead flies, ants old man replied "The fly is a relentless and have tried many times, only she did it in ways the same". Old ants ordered his colleagues to stop for a moment as he went on to say, but this time with an expression & more serious tone "Remember young man, if you do something in the same way but expecting a different result, then your fate will be like this fly".

"The winners did not do anything different, they just do it differently".

Source: PortalInfaq

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