Sunday, December 6, 2009

Expands Mind

Stop Living in the Dark Room, musty, and narrow-minded!

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Our mind is a tool that truly amazing! Whatever we want to have, do or want to be like what we become, our minds can make it happen. I prefer to call FAILURE IS IMPOSSIBLE WHEN YOU BELIEVE!

But the reality is many people who do not use this strength. We've heard lots of theories that we only use 10% of our brain capacity. Only 10%! That is not how the emergence of new research which states that we even use our brains less than 10%. In fact, recent studies suggest that we only use only approximately 1% only of the capacity of our brains! Incredible! So why are we not using more brains and minds? I believe we have not used it because we just do not realize how much of our ability. We have all the tools necessary to meet almost all the goals we set for ourselves today. Most people just do not know. I can be described as below:

Today, right now, you live in a very large house and a luxury worth 100 billion rupiah. The house has 5 bedrooms with bathroom executive to bath tub in it, 25 bedrooms complete with bathroom inside, 5 outside the bathroom, a heated swimming pool, kitchens and dining rooms, gyms, multi media room home theater, children's playroom, family lounge, home office space, a spacious living room, park in front of the house with a parking lot that can accommodate over 50 cars, back yard large enough to be used for a park, the garage can be for 10 cars and all rooms are complete with air conditioning and classy furniture. Believe me, you have all that in you!

The problem is you do not know. Because you did not know then you live in a dark room, musty and very narrow. Currently if you know about your true home, will you be out of the room in a matter of less than 1 second?

Unfortunately most people do not know their true home so frustrated they live in the dark room, musty and very narrow. They feel trapped, poor, unhappy and even worse when they feel that God is not fair to them. When in fact God has given a big house and fancy for them but those who do not want to leave their rooms, dark room, musty and very sempit.Hebat! As you already know this big house and fancy in yourself! So what next?

Once you realize that you already have POTENTIALS so extraordinary that the next step is to use a simple technique but very powerful to support your UNCONSCIOUS mind to transform your potential into REALITY. These mind techniques have been around for tens and even hundreds of years ago, but few people know and even the very few who actually apply in their lives. When you read or hear the personal biographies of successful, you will soon realize that they are using the techniques of mind in practice their daily lives just hari.Pikirkan: if you want to be a billionaire, personal slender and attractive, more confident, successful business or whatever, YOU CAN HAVE! You can reach it!

Apply all these techniques will restore your mind you become a person of full charge and full power! (such as new battery charged) currently when you put yourself to apply the techniques I discuss in my next article, by God's mercy and grace that is everything, you certainly will not disappoint you sendiri.Teknik that I will discuss in The next paper is the technique of "Affirmation". This technique would have been a lot of you read or heard, but once again: DO YOU WANT TO LEAVE YOUR ROOM IS DARK, stuffy and very narrow NOW? Greetings

Indonesia Dahsyat!Okky Sulistijo

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