Friday, December 11, 2009

Fast Food increasingly unpopular in America and the West

Your fans fast food (fast food)?
Leave immediately! Because the country of origin alone, fast food has long been considered junk food (junk food). And now, this food has another name: the food is cheap!

Following a prolonged economic crisis, many big fast food brands that slammed their selling price. Call it, McDonald's and Burger King are to be put on food only at a price of just $ 1 dollar.

Initially, the giant fast-food giant huge profits from the economic crisis because people turn to cheap and fast food. But then, people realized that the price will not lie.

"This is the economic situation is very difficult, and fast food has shrunk," said Ron Paul, president of Technomic, a consulting firm. Because of high unemployment, he said, consumers increasingly invaded the grocery store and "turn on their ovens again."

While the world community wants to go back to cook at home, here, in Indonesia, and also in the Arab countries, the people are actually proud and feel cool eating food that was left behind. (sa / usatoday)
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