Thursday, December 10, 2009

Pygmalion Effect

Pygmalion was a gifted young man sculpture. He was good at sculpting. Hand carved works really good. But it was not skill that makes him known and loved friends and neighbors.

Pygmalion is known as a man who liked to think positively. He looked at everything from a good angle. When the field was muddy town, people grumble. But Pygmalion said: "Fortunately, no other field is sebecek." When a buyer insists on offering statues nawar price, Pygmalion friends whispered, "Stingy right person." But pgymalion said, "Maybe people need to spend money to Another matter that is more necessary. "When the kids stealing apples in his garden, Pygmalion is not cursed. He even felt pity, "Poor, the children were not getting enough education and enough food in the house."

That outlook Pygmalion. He did not see a situation from bad terms, but rather in terms of both. He never thought badly of others. Instead, he tried to imagine the good things behind the bad deeds of others. On a day Pygmalion carves a wooden statue of a woman who is very smooth. The statue was the same size just like a real person. When it was finished, the sculpture looked like a human right. The statue's face smiled sweetly charming, beautiful body attractive. Pygmalion friends say, "Ah, that good-good image, it's just a statue, not a wife."

But the statue Pygmalion treated as a real human being. Again and again staring at the statue and dielusnya. The gods of Mount Olympus in the notice and appreciate these Pygmalion. Then they decided to give the gift to change the statue of Pygmalion into a real human being. Pygmalion lived happily with his wife. It is said that his wife is a beautiful woman in the entire country of Greece.

Pygmalion story is better known as the Pygmalion Effect. The point is what we truly believe will become a reality. As Plato said, "You adalalah what you think." If we always think we are stupid, then this will really happen ourselves to be stupid. It is also important for a manager or leader who often doubted his ability to finish a job. Automatic doubt it will become a reality.

From now on we must begin to build confidence in us and throw all our limiting beliefs so far. Like doubtful, insecure, lazy, pessimistic, passive, lacking in confidence, despair, low self-etc.

Congratulations to prove Pygmalion effect in your life!


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