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You Reaping What You Plant

On one day, a prominent business owner and also as president and director elderly suddenly appeared at his office around 07.00 am.

The company's management and employees are surprised that the boss does not usually come to the office that early. Usually, he witnessed the most rapid after the noon time or lunch.
It was not every day. Most only three or four days a week.

All the saw arrival of the owner of the company is asking itself: What the hell? There must be something very important was happening. But no one can guess what actually happened or what is in the mind of the millionaire's grandfather.

On that bright morning,
he brought a turned out great ideas that are categorized as bold. The idea was that he had decided to resign to lead the company he built himself and lead since 30 years ago. What's interesting is that again, he did not want to hand over leadership of his company to his children, for fear of not professionally managed.

The decision was taken after he had seen companies that are managed by second generation, the average destroyed, except a bit of success.
This is caused by the child or the second generation does not feel how hard it is to build a business that does not understand the ropes in detail. In addition, usually, the children of the rich feel proud because since birth has lived as a child of a wealthy and respected many people.

The decision was regarded by many as the ancient decisions, but Wealthy his grandfather was still in his stance, despite previously been Advised by his friend a few. He argues, let the results of this company will be a legacy for future offspring. For that, the company must always be in a strong condition and stable. Her children she motivation and help build a business from the beginning, so to understand how difficult a business it pioneered.

As such, they will feel and respect their parents toil and loyal employees who accompanied him since the company pioneered 30 years ago.

As a result, after about half an hour sitting in a beautiful room filled with paintings and verses of the Qur'an (
Muslims holy book), he called his secretary to inform the manager, general manager (GM) and all other leaders to go into the meeting room at 08.00 precisely , because there is a very important thing he would say. Hearing the message, the secretary must have felt his heart beating too loud while thinking what the hell was going to say the boss.

When the needle clock at 08.00, with a rich grandfather quietly out of his space and went into the meeting room that is located not far from the office. We entered the conference room, he knocked on her door with a smooth and say hello: Assalam alalikum (
safety may be for you)! All present at once replied: Salaam warahmatullahi wabarokatuh (hope of salvation, mercy and blessings of God be for you)...

Once seated, the grandfather application apology speech delivered at the invitation of the sudden meeting, and then he explained the purpose of the meeting invitation is as follows:.

Dear brothers and blessed God that I love. It was time I Resigned from the post of Director of this company. I will choose among you who will replace the position of this heavy enough. I am convinced, based on my observations during this, you all deserve and can receive the trust that I will give. Surely one of you best. So which one of you is best, then he will I made as my successor.

Everyone looked surprised and confused to listen to statements and information of their boss. They never really thought how great they are the leader and they rarely hear such cases. And they anxiously.

Hoping elected and at the same time also felt uneasy when the event actually was elected to the supreme leader the company is big enough, because it had never imagined before.

Then the owner of the company to continue the discussion: Now we are at the end of the year hijiriyah, December month. I will do tests on all present in this roar, regardless of the position and office.

Because I'm sure you all are candidates worthy leader to lead this company. The test that I will give is very simple. Later at the beginning of next year, which is precisely dated 1 January, we gather again in this place at the same hour.
At that time I will judge who is the best of you I'll make the leadership of this company.

The tests will you run is that all those present here I will give the plants a seed that I have prepared. Those seeds you brought home, and then planted in their homes and treated with his wife and family. Who plants the best, most fertile and the most high, then he is entitled to become the leader of this company. Later on the first of January, in the same hour that now each of you bring results respective plants.

Among those present, there was a young manager named Karim. Like the movement of other associates, Karim, was brought back seeds to be given the owner of the company where he worked. When she got home, he told a sudden meeting with the boss had told his wife. His wife was deeply moved as she wished her husband was elected would become the company's leadership.

His wife immediately set the seeding seed, and took the best land from the back of his house. In fact, she immediately to points of sale of agricultural equipment in the area live and buy enough fertilizer. A husband and wife every day watching developments in the plant. But unfortunately, planted the seeds never grow.

Day by day, week to change the week. Do not feel they were on the third week. Every meeting with friends who attended the meeting abruptly, Karim feel inferior because there is no info proud. His friends the other in the spirit told me that their plants are growing well and some even proudly said that the plants are knee-high. Karim remained silent and even looked sad.

Finally, came the promised time. Date of
January pun arrived. After the morning prayers came home from a mosque near his home, he told his wife that he would not enter the office in shame and no one can he show the boss. Why? Seed provided the Boss never grow, let alone knee, like a story one of her friends.

Hearing the statement, his wife tried to convince her husband that she had to go to work today despite not carrying sudah plants flourish. Then his wife said: Let the father's friends brought a fertile plants.

You've got to be honest when asked boss later told them the truth that we have worked the maximum, although the results do not like what he expected. Dad must be proud to bring honesty everywhere, said his wife.

Hearing his wife's advice, Karim ventured to go to his office that day, despite her anxiety and worry will not be able to say anything during the meeting with the boss later.

Arriving at the office, Karim rushed to the meeting room which has been agreed. Karim did not move slightly more to see friends-theme plants enormously and there is even a knee-high, though he was only a month.

Karim calmly placed the seeding places the seed container with soil in it, although he did not seem the slightest sign of life in it. Of course, all eyes were focused on the present container that brought Karim said in amazement.

Some even commented sarcastically: Which plants? Eaten goat times? But Karim remain calm and do not serve their comments at all, although he felt his body was hot and cold.

Soon after, at 08.00 on a
January, the Director entered the room and say hello: Asalamu alalaikum! All at once replied:

Warahmatullahi Walaikumussalam wabarokatuh ...

Then he continued the conversation: Ladies and gentlemen, I am very happy to see plants that you bring. From seed that I gave a month ago. You managed to plant and care for her properly until it becomes like this.

It was very proud of. On this day I will determine which one of you the best most I'll make as a Managing Director who will replace my office.

Hearing such praise the leader in all of them show signs of joy on their faces and smiles. Among them is the bertakbir: Allahu Akbar (Almighty Allah) .... Alllahu Akbar ... Allahu Akbar .. Except Karim, sitting in the back while daydreaming and Grieve.

In the happy atmosphere suddenly the owner of the company saw one of his managers who named Karim sat in the back as he looked at his face feelings of sadness and shame. He whispered to his secretary as he asked Karim to face him right now. After the secretary is the message the President Director, Karim aghast and pale, saying in himself: The End is my career at this company.

After Karim approached while saying hello, the Director allows Karim sat beside her chair and asked to show his friends a container which contains only ground and no plants at all.

Karim friends also provide a variety of attitudes. They all stood with their eyes fixed on the container shown Karim. There are pursing it. There is also a saying: Where are the plants? Maybe eat a goat? They said, while pointing a finger at who brought generous container.

The atmosphere became a little rowdy. The owner of the company quietly without saying a word. Karim feeling increasingly uncertain. Sad and angry and embarrassed. However, Karim can still hold his emotions and he said to himself: This is my ...

After a while, the owner of the company spoke; Ladies and Gentlemen. Requested all sitting up in each. Brother Karim, please now you're standing. I will deliver something very important as I promised a month ago.

After considering and observing the results of tests that I give to you, then I hereby decide who will become chief you start the day is your friend who stood beside me this; Kaaariiiim brother ...

All who attended felt shocked and wondering, why the selected Karim? And he did not bring plants, but only the container and land in it.
Would not he typical of managers who fail? Many other more cynical comments that appeared ..

Then the chairman continued the conversation: Do you know that all the seed I have given you a month ago is damaged seeds, and not be able to grow,
let alone be a great way to show you today.

My conclusion, Karim is typical honest leader. Therefore, on this day, I decided he was Managing Director who will replace my position and that will take full responsibility to run this company into the future.

Before closing our meeting today, I thank you all and I want to give some advice to be equipped to live your life during this run:

• If you plant a trust, then you will reap trust.
• If you plant goodness, you will reap friends
• If you plant tawadhu '(humility), then you will reap respect
• If you plant a courtesy, then you will reap the glory
• If you plant seriousness, then you will reap success
• If you plant faith, you will reap peace
• If you plant a lie, then you will reap a disaster
Therefore, be careful! What you plant today, certainly in one day you will own harvested ..

Wassalamu Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarokatuh ... (
by Jafar Fathuddin)
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