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Nature and Rural touring in Yogya

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YOGYAKARTA - Tired of spending Christmas holidays and new year in urban areas, just visit to Yogyakarta. Especially for Christmas holiday and new year 2010, this Association of the Indonesia Tour & Travel Agency (ASITA) Yogyakarta tour package offers an alternative "back to nature" and "live in the village tourism".

Treasurer ASITA, Edwin Himna, yesterday said the package "back to nature" was deliberately offered for tourists to Yogyakarta that longing can enjoy the natural atmosphere and tradition in the countryside.

"Tourists who are interested enough to coordinate with the hotel where they were staying or directly related to ASITA. The hotel will contact ASITA,''he said.

He also explained, before Christmas and New Year, the entire hotel in Yogyakarta with a capacity of 9600 rooms, starting on 25 December to 2 January 2010, the reserve has reached 90 percent. Edwin predicted a few days before Christmas, the hotel occupancy rate will reach 100 percent.

"Based on coordination with the hotel, starting on December 25 hotel reservation is 90 percent for all classes of hotels. We believe that tourists will spend New Year in Yogyakarta will be plentiful,''said Edwin.

According to him, with this package as well as tourists can enjoy the new year, and then the next day visits to the villages, and can also stay in the village wisatat, to know the life of the community.

"We invite tourists to enjoy and engage directly in the life of village communities. Together we bring those people involved how to make coconut sugar, how to make tempeh and other stuff,''said Edwin.

He said, tourists can choose their own tourist villages they want to visit, through brochures available in hotels in Yogyakarta. He said, tourist villages that could be a reference, among others, Hamlet Village Pentingsari in Umbulhardjo, Cangkringan, Sleman.

He said, the village has a shower (the waterfall), mountainous landscape like the lava tour (the rest of eruption of Mount Merapi). Travelers also can still see the natural life of the village with many traditions.

In addition there Tembi village in Sewon, Bantul. Here can enjoy performing arts, and there is a place to stay in the form of traditional buildings hundreds of years old, and there is a traditional menu of Centini.

One such alternative tour package, a tourist is charged Rp 200,000 to Rp 250,000. The cost is already included transportation, lodging, eats up the direct introduction of nature and rural life.

Package tour''of this alternative is the main target of both tourists and family groups from big cities like Jakarta, which was tired of urban life,''said Edwin.

Edwin said, for the Christmas holiday and new year 2010 this time, tour packages which are still the most popular tourists enjoying the sun set or sun rise at some historic sites. For example enjoying the Borobudur Temple, Prambanan Temple, and Temple Boko. "This package is the belle of tourists abroad,''said Edwin.

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