Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Minimal salt, Avoid Stroke


By Republika Newsroom

Excess salt consumption has been widely known as one of the causes of high blood pressure disease. Recently, a study mengonfimasi other risks caused by the salt increases the risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke.

The BMJ published a description found, differences in salt consumption of about 5 grams per day can make the difference up to 23 percent of the average stroke and 17 percent of the average risk of cardiovascular disease.

Based on these descriptions, salt recommendations from the World Health Organisasasi or the World Health Organization (WHO) is only about 5 grams or about one teaspoon per day. However, most people in Western countries consume about 10 grams of salt per day. In fact, Eastern European societies consume more.

The author analyzes the description of 13 studies involving over 170,000 thousand participants connecting link between salt and cardiovascular disease and stroke.

The researchers estimate, reducing salt intake is only about 5 grams per day by people around the world can reduce the one million deaths per year due to a stroke and prevent three million deaths from cardiovascular disease each year.

Difficult to measure because salt intake, continued the writer, can be a reduction in salt intake could prevent more deaths. HealthDay / rin
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  1. how do we know the dose of salt, a little or a lot we can not know the standards that must be done.Abu jihad

  2. Useful to follow the advice not to eat too much, stop eating until full and eating when we're feeling hungry



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