Sunday, December 13, 2009

Unfortunately my son ....

"Can I make your child a model?"

One afternoon, in the park Jiyuugaoka, unexpectedly greeting is suddenly stopped. Standing in front of me a young man, holding a camera with a rope hanging around his neck.

Seeing me pause, the young man took out a business card. Of the profession that I started writing can guess. He may be a photographer from a magazine. "I'm need some model child" Return the young man continued.

"Moshi yokattara, renraku kudasai ... (If you wish, please contact ....)" With a little bow, then say goodbye. I left with a business card in hand.

From a few meters, I noticed the little one laughing like running a small catch wild pigeons. Her eyes are round, her cheeks flushed and her little head scarf fluttering breeze blowing in the winter, add a 'cute' appearance of the new baby even a year old.

Looking at the little, my mind drifted back to the past. Almost twelve years of marriage, I look forward to welcoming baby. Some therapy and medication have traveled. Sometimes exhausting, boring and sad with a few failures. The presence of the small in the long wait is the greatest gift in my life. Like an excited little boy when he got a gift toys, as well as with my feelings when he managed to get the baby. It seemed, wanted to keep the gift in order to stay beautiful.

Bids to be a model? This is not the first time little was offered. A few months back, when me and my child was walking at the mall, suddenly someone who claims agent approached the model. With questions about the same, I receive a business card and asked to contact if interested.

Honestly, the first time your child got an offer to be a model, my heart jumped cheerfully. So a child model? In Japan? Well ... A great opportunity! Besides the potential foster child who might be appropriate in the world of modeling, can also be additional revenue that would be a little savings. As soon as I originally thought.

But my mind was far away when on one occasion, I saw the unexpected events. Little can start waving their arms and bowed to imitate body position. Two new skills your child that I never taught before. Little had studied two movements from the surrounding environment, which may absorb it when I take shopping, playing in the park, or evening stroll. Habit "bye-bye" and "ojigi (respectfully bowed)" is copied from the Japanese public.

Little in the current age it is good to imitate and absorb a lot of things. What if your model been eating little and then became violent to adults? Modeling absorbed as part of life.
style in front of the camera, on stage to admire the people become the norm. Stumbled in the glittering world of life, following the four seasons fashion Japanese state, grows into an adult figure that apart from the grip of Islamic closely. I seek refuge in Allah from such things .... I shudder to think of it.

I'm getting goose bumps when considering a quatrain from the book "25 Ways of Life and Mind Affecting Child" which reads like this, "Are you going to cry over children who actually have you killed? He was already dead, and now what can you do ...? "

No, I did not or do not want to kill the child's development. But involving children in the modeling world that may be far from the Islamic ordinances, the same as ready to open the gates to 'kill' the Islamic generation.
I do not want to cry, regretting that the child will already living outside the Islamic aqidah (faith) order.

My dear boy ....

Twelve years of waiting, hoping the mother to maintain the mandate given it the best. Until the time comes, Ummi (mother) can return the same mandate as the first time to accept it. White, Spotless, awake nature.

Believe me boy, a model, not the only way to develop the potential, creativity and achievement.


A reflection, et aishliz Japan (
by LIzsa Anggraeny/eramuslim )
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