Wednesday, December 2, 2009


At a place on the edge of the forest, a place of students preparing for evening prayer. He broom dust and dry leaves are scattered around the room praying. A moment later, prayer mats were spread out toward mecca. The rain which began to subside add silence of the night.

"Bismillah," the voice of the students started the prayer. But, "Kung ... kung ... kung!" Shouted a loud voice like the students to rip absorption. He also turned to the window. "Ah, frog voice again!" he said to myself.

It was several times he wanted to start praying the night, always a frog's voice shouted to shackle. Of course, it was very disturbing. Cook, who should be praying tonight so humble, always caught a frog's face. Round eyes, neck and head together and pointed in the mouth, and bubbles in the neck that produces such a high note: kung!

"Astaghfirullah! How can humble," said the students, opening the window of her room. He poked his head out the window as he stared at the puddle right next to the window. But, a few frogs still shouting. They do not seem to care about the satirical 'smooth' the students.

Until finally, "Shut up!" The students shouted loudly. Louder than the cries of frogs. Yeah, right. Shouts students no longer make a frog noise. They were silent. Perhaps, the frogs realized that they were not liked. Even possible, is threatened. "Well, so much better," chanted the students, closing the window.

He went back to focus only on fixed her prayers. I confronted my face only to God, the Creator of heaven and earth. But, "Kung ... kung ... kung!" The frogs shouted shouted back. Spontaneous, the students returned to stop prayers.

This time, he did not immediately moved toward the window. He just stared at the closed window. The students like staring at something. Old ..., he did not do anything but thoughtfully in silence.

"Astaghfirullah," the voice of the students later. "Why did I take the frogs scream as interference. It may be, they're singing accompany this cool night. Or even, the frogs were praising God even as I also praise Him in prayer tonight.

Astaghfirullah, "said the students with a deep breath. And, he started with such solemn prayer. Reverent ... once. So even with the frogs:" Kung ... kung ... kung! "


Sometimes, because of selfish self, perspective does not fit falls in place. Let the others sound different. Because may be, that's their prayer beads. (mnuh/eramuslim)
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