Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Child Development


Is it true that if a child under one year of age if you want to crawl, like roads, etc. would grow teeth to change the body temperature gets hot, fever, fever or fussy.
Children are a gift Alloh the Most Holy and the Most High that we must keep well, in the growth and development of each child has a unique individual - each.

Sometimes the link between diarrhea in children will be "clever" crawl, walk or teething. whether this is so? from a medical standpoint this is difficult to accept.

But if it will grow teeth are sometimes accompanied by fever, this occurs because of inflammation of the teeth will grow.

The important thing here is how we mensikapi fever and diarrhea in children.


Fever due to pyrogens (substances trigger fever), and pyrogen arise because there is inflammation. Inflammation can be caused by infectious and non-infectious, non-infectious causes such as teething, trauma, falls, allergies, etc.. While the infection is viral or bacterial. Approximately 20% have fever caused by bacteria and require antibiotics.

Fever is actually a signal that something happened inside the body, and fever beneficial to mobilize lekosit cells in order to overcome the disease. Therefore if the child should do the handling of fever as follows:
1. Pray children to a fever (disease) is missing.
2. Drinking milk or warm honey water as often as possible.
3. Compress the body with warm water, do not use ice water or alcohol.
4. Body massage performed (usually fever in children because children are too tired, and massage functions for the blood flow and relaxes muscles).
5. Grated onion 5 cloves, add the coconut oil (VCO) and then rubbed into the body of a child, or to rub on the body of a child using a red onion. Onion oil contains astiri, so get rid of a fever.
6. Provided herbs which improve function and immune system and are lower fever, among others sambiloto, grass roots - grass, Meniran and ginger.
7. If a high fever, could be a fever-lowering drugs and should consult a doctor.


Diarrhea can be caused by infectious and non-infectious. The main principle is the treatment of diarrhea with fluids (honey water) as often as possible. Use of anti-diarrhea medicine should be consulted with doctors, especially in children less than one year.
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