Friday, December 4, 2009

The Story of a Grasshopper

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A grasshopper has long been locked in a box. One day she got out of the lock box. He happily enjoying jumping freedom.

On the trip he met with a different grasshoppers. But he was puzzled why the grasshopper can jump higher and farther from it.

With curiosity he went to the grasshopper, and asked, "Why are you can jump higher and farther, but we are not much different from the age or body shape?".

Grasshoppers were also answered with the question, "Where you been living? Because all the grasshoppers that live in the wild must be done as
I do ".

When the locusts had just realized that for this box that makes the jumps are not as far and as high as other grasshoppers that live in the wild.

Sometimes we as human beings, unconsciously, had also experienced the same thing with the grasshoppers.

A bad environment, insults, traumas of the past, successive failures, the words of a friend or neighbor's opinion, as if to make us shut up in pseudo box
restrict our strengths. More often we categorically believe whatever they voniskan to us without ever thinking you are really that bad?
Even worse, we would rather trust them than trust themselves.

Do not you ever questioned the conscience that you can "jump higher and farther" if you want to get rid of "box" is? Do not you want to free yourself so you can achieve something far beyond the limits you consider your ability?

Fortunate as we are given God's man's ability to fight, not just give up on what we experienced. Because of that friend, keep on trying to achieve whatever you want to achieve. Ill indeed, exhausted it, but when you've reached the top, all the sacrifices that must be paid.

Your life will be better if you live with your choice of way of life. Not how to live as they chose for you.
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