Friday, December 4, 2009

Let's Learn The Bear

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A big bear is waiting patiently all day in the rushing river. When it was not season the fish. Since the morning he was standing there trying to grab the fish jumped out of water. However, no one is a successful fish he caught.

After repeated attempts, finally ... hup ... he can catch a small fish. Fish caught were screaming with fear. The small fish in the bear cried, "O bear, please let me."

"Why," asked the bear.

"Do not you see, I was too small, could even slip through the cracks in your teeth," groaned the fish.

"So what?" asked the bear again.

"Put it this way, please return me to the river. After a few months I will grow into a big fish. At that time you could catch and eat to satisfy your appetite," says fish.

"O fish, you know why I could grow so big?" asked the bear.

"Why?" fish countered, shaking his head head.

"Because I never gave up even the slightest luck that had clutched in his hand!" bear replied, smiling confidently.

"Ops!" cried the fish, almost choked.

In life, we are given many choices and opportunities. But if we do not want to open our hearts and eyes to see and accept the opportunity that God has given it the chance it will go away. And this will only create nothing to regret later on, when we should be saying: "Ohhh .... I wish I had not had the chance menyia2kan ...?"

So wise in life, appreciate every detail of a chance in our lives. In tough times, there's always an opportunity to improve the situation; in the sad, there's always a chance to regain happiness; in the fall there is always a chance to bounce back, and the opportunity to achieve the best return for our lives.

If we are faithful in small matters, we will get a big case. When we appreciate a small chance, then he will be a great opportunity.
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