Monday, December 28, 2009

Six Causes of Back Pain


Back pain can happen to anyone and if it appears to interfere with the activity. But do not underestimate the back pain because it is an early symptom of the disease in the body.

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The cause of back pain are the most common muscle tenseness (ligaments) or a posture that is not appropriate. Back pain sometimes feels as just got up, sat up too long, too tired, lifting heavy items or injury.But there are also back pain all the time day and night without us know why. Cases like this led to many serious diseases such as infection or bone tumor that is usually followed by fever."The pain in his back that could mean signs or signals telling you that there is something wrong in a person's body," said Dr. Lutfi Gatam, SpOT, Spine Surgeon (K) of the International Hospital detikHealth Bintaro when contacted on Monday (28/12/2009 ).Exemplified by Dr. Lutfi, back pain that is felt when just woken up probably due to something wrong in sleeping position or a sudden movement of an unstable (unstable) when the person is asleep.According to a consultant orthopedic spine have 6 groups that cause pain in the back, namely: 
1. Trauma  
In this case the person is experiencing collision, accident, crashed while on the move or injury from something like one taking a position in taking the goods. 
2. Infection 
Can occur due to infections in other organs like the lungs that affects the spine or the result of infections that occur in the bone itself. 
3. Degeneration 
A change in bone structure of the person's age by one.
4. Congenital 
These factors can include the improper position, or a stiff spine and can not be moved so that causes inflammation (inflammation). 
5. The existence of tumor 
It could also be a sign of the changes to the tumor cells in the body. 
6. Scoliosis 
Diseases hitherto unknown cause also cause pain in the back, this time mostly experienced by women and teenagers. If there are no serious symptoms, back pain usually improves after resting a few days, but there is also the pain lasted longer.If there are attacks back pain should lie on the bed. Make straight back and legs slowly.That obese people are also often experience back pain. Meanwhile, chronic back pain because of muscle weakness usually need to strengthen the backbone treatment with exercise.Keep your back straight and abdomen flat because of spinal problems causing pressure on nerves, causing pain in various parts of the body.Treatment can be done to overcome back pain depends on the results of the diagnosis, whether included mild, moderate or severe. If only occur occasionally with paracetamol or ponstan drinking alone can help eliminate pain.Treatment should be done by the patient can only be a rest. But if a serious illness because there is the position of the spine that have to do physiotherapy, invasive treatment to reduce or eliminate pain or have surgery."Better when you're feeling back pain, consult a physician immediately. Do not underestimate this disease, because it could be related to the skin, joints, bones or surrounding organs such as kidney and gastrointestinal tract," said a doctor who also practiced at RS Fatmawati.

(Source : Vera Farah Bararah - detikHealth - 6 Penyebab Nyeri Punggung)
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