Sunday, December 13, 2009

Change the impossible possible

As a journalist, was, he paid 17 million a month in a national media. But, he instead decided to come out to independent. He faces trial and error. This story

New businesses are still in the plan, I leave an established job. Decision 'crazy', perhaps. Imagine, I paid USD 17 million per month plus some tantalizing facilities.

However, my decision was unanimous. In my eyes, to be more promising entrepreneurs. Of course nothing is easy. Moreover, I have no experience at all, except as a journalist. But I sure can, as long as hard work.

The first opportunity that I caught the singer considered the controversial town of Pasuruan. He is my contract gig in Sidoarjo, Jember and Banyuwangi. His name became a guarantee, darted through the rocking of her drill. So, the advantage is in lidded eyes.

Humans have a plan, a step that determines God. Not that lucky, I actually Cripple (loss) USD $ 25 million! The audience who attended less than the target. "And again, your show is not a blessing. Lust Inviting rocking, forbidden to watch," said ustadz (religious teacher) me. Alamaaak (so sorry), had lost sin again.

So, do not want to add sin, I racked his brain for a new business that is clean and blessed. There lyrics lyrics here, I finally found a real estate mangkrak (
place name) in Surabaya. Intends acquired, I also went looking for information. Unfortunately, the information that I can not please them all. The company wrapped up a complex issue, particularly its debt mountain. Already offered everywhere, no one wants.

Ah, they might not have the slightest chance.. I'm curious. Prophet Isa when crossing a street with some friends, somewhere, found the carcass of a mule. The stench makes the friends hold my nose as he muttered.

What did the Prophet Jesus? "Look, how white teeth donkey!"

I pondered. So, from something that looks too bad we could always see something good. It all depends on the point of view and the way we perceive.

The story inspired me when listening to the various problems that the middle coiled real estate company which again I buckle-buckle it. From the pile of problems, I see there is still a glimmer of light. Pretty good location. Thus, if I was able to overcome various problems that this super-complicated, God willing, I will not be so difficult to market.

Sense of optimism appeared in my mind. But, as my company's acquisition, a myriad of problems facing. The first days in office, many people came. Almost all of them angry. Starting from electricity, water channels are jammed, and the most severe debt problems. Fund USD 900 million that we sold out to prepare paying
the debt. To the extent that I as a director can not afford phone credit, because the cash was drained. Done?

Yet. Is still a pile of debt. But here I feel the hands of God. Apparently the various, sometimes suddenly entered the money from the sale of the house. Sometimes the collector will also delayed payment. Dozens of times I feel God's help.

Hence, each hit a problem I always say to my friends, "Insha Allah (
with the permission of Allah), there is a way out." Is not every problem is reversed, there must be easier? The key, in addition to hard work and patience is begged God's help.

Case singers 'drill' it gives me a valuable lesson.

Before acquired, I asked directions to God, through prayer istiharah (
ask for God's guidance). My prayer is simple, "Oh God, if You allow I handle this company, give me the way. But if you do not pleasure, keep me from it."

I am sure, weighing any problem, if God's help there's a way out. That's what I feel.

Now, 2 years running, my income is greater than I could from Kompas-Gramedia with 17-year working period. (Basuki Subianto, as narrated in the book launch of 'Changing the impossible possible, the end of January. The paper was published in February edition Hidayatullah Magazine 2005).
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