Sunday, December 6, 2009

Rat Traps

Rat traps, Brick Lane, London, UK.JPGImage by gruntzooki via Flickr

A husband and wife farmers to come home after shopping. When they opened groceries, a mouse watching carefully as he muttered "hmmm ... what food they brought from the market??"

Apparently, one of which was bought by farmers is the Rat Trap. The absurdly shocked rats. He immediately ran to the barn and yelled "There's Rat Trap in the house at home now .... no ...." mousetrap

He went to the chicken and shouted "mouse devices". The chicken said "Mr. Mouse ..., I'm sorry, but it does not affect me".

The rat then went to see a goat with a cry. The Goat also said "I'm sympathetic to ... but there's nothing I can do"

Mice and see Cattle. He got the same answer. "Forgive me. But not a rat trap! Dangerous for me at all"

He then ran into the woods and meets Snake. The snake said, "Ahhh ... a small rat traps will not harm me"

Finally, the mice returned home with resignation knowing that he would face danger alone.

One night, the owner of the house heard a loud noise woke up the mouse trap rings indicating the victim had eaten. When he saw the mouse trap, it was a venomous snake. Tail snake caught makes snakes more vicious and attacked the house owner's wife. Although the husband had killed the venomous snake, the wife could not be saved.

The husband should take his wife to the hospital and then she can go home but a few days later she remains fever.

He then asked for a chicken claw soup by her husband. (we all know, a chicken claw soup is very useful for reducing fever) Her husband immediately slaughtered and cooked chicken to make soup claw.

A few days later the pain does not subside visit. A friend suggested to eat goat liver. He then slaughtered the goat to take heart.

Still, she does not heal and eventually died. Lots of people came to the funeral. So that the farmers have to slaughter the cow to feed the people who mourn.

From a distance ... The Mouse looked at with great sadness. A few days later he saw the Mouse Trap is not used anymore.

SO ... .. ONE DAY WHEN YOU HEAR SOMEONE IN TROUBLE AND thought it does not concern you ... Think AGAIN
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