Wednesday, December 2, 2009


In a place far away from the city, was a young man rushed into a small mosque. His face showed anxiety and uncertainty. He is like looking for something in the mosque.

"Assalam Alaikum, Teacher!" he said to an old man who looks busy sweeping the room mosque. Spontaneous, the old man to stop busy. He turned to the boy and his smile was expanding. "Wa'alaikumussalam. My son. Come in!" he said, putting a broom in the corner. After that, he and his guests sat cross-legged.

"What, my son?" he said with a smile that was too furl. "Teacher. I accepted employment in the city!" said the boy later. "Thank God," said the grandfather happy. "Teacher, if you do not mind, give me advice to succeed!" said the young man, looking down. Saying he was waiting for his grandfather before him.

"My son. Be like water. And do not follow the trail of clouds," a string of short sentences glide quietly from the mouth of the grandfather. The boy had not reacted. He thought hard as word meaning teacher. But, to no avail. "I mean, Professor?" he said later.

"My son. Water teaches us to always humble. Despite coming from a high place, he always wanted to go down. The bigger, more numerous; water so excited to move down. He was always looking for gaps to be coursing beneath the world," certainly the grandfather quietly. "Then with the clouds, Teacher?" asked the boy wonder.

"Do not even like clouds, my son. Look! Clouds come from low places, but wanted to quickly be in high places. The lighter, the more he is not weighted; cloud rose more anxious," explained the grandfather was so wise. "But my son," he added later. "The height of the cloud was just a game material wind." And the young man seemed to nod slowly.
One thousand one hope is often addressed for the good activists. They are hoping is the weak who need protection, the poor who want help, and lay people who desire guidance.

Arrangement hope it leads to one point: that good quality good activists not just stop at the person of the perpetrator. But, can flow to the bottom: wet basin hope that increasingly dry, and turn green seeds that begin to turn yellow.

Unfortunately, not all the good quality of activists such as the water is always flowing and the constant flow of fresh life below. Because there are some people who just the opposite, like a cloud of the earth farther away. As if anyone wants they express: good-bye to the underworld; sorry, we were busy chatting with the wind. (mnuh / eramuslim)
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