Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Love "Beat" Pain


By Republika Newsroom

Expression of love can conquer all, perhaps not entirely wrong. A study proves, think about someone you love may help reduce physical pain.

Thus revealed a study in the United States that reveals the importance of social relationships and have an emotional connection. Studies conducted at the University of California, Los Angeles included 25 young women who have a relationship with her partner more than six months. Painful burning sensation was then placed in the forearm of the same woman they saw a picture of the couple, strangers and a chair.

"When the woman saw a picture of their partner, they actually say the pain is felt less than when I saw pictures of objects or strangers," said one of the researchers and UCLA assistant professor of psychology Naomi Eisenberger. "Nothing more than that, a simple picture of the couple can reduce the pain," he said.

Eisenberger explained, this change of opinion on social support can affect a person. "Typically, we think of social support that can make us feel good, should be supported
highly responsive to emotional needs. However, the fact that only kitamelihat results by looking at photographs meant someone who could produce the same effect, "he explained.

In another study, women who reported less pain when their partner's hand, than when they held a stranger's hand or grabbed it and then bola.Hasil study published in November in Psychological Science.

"The study shows how important the social life of our experience and other work and the role of social support for physical and mental health," he explained. HealthDay / rin
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