Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Welcome to Gaza Zinedine Zidan

Gridiron star Zinedine Zidane will travel to the Gaza Strip as an ambassador for UNICEF, the UN agency affairs and children's education. Zidane claimed pleased scheduled visit to Gaza, which until now still blockaded by the Zionist regime of Israel.
"I am deeply moved me as a UNICEF ambassador pointed to them and a visit to the Gaza Strip. I'll try to make Gazans smile. For this they suffered the loss, destruction and serious injuries due to the atrocities committed Zionist Israel," said Zidane had three times voted " Footballer of the Year "by FIFA.
According to the Palestine Information Center, Zidane is scheduled to visit the Gaza Strip in March 2010. In addition to being a messenger UNICEF, the presence of Zidane is expected to also be expected to be a "messenger" for the people of Gaza to tell the world about the Zionist regime of Israel's atrocities against the citizens of Gaza.
Despite pulverize Gaza with its military aggression in January 2008, the Zionist Israel is still blocking the Gaza Strip and to isolate their citizens from access to the outside world, education, economic and social life. (ln / prtv / eramuslim)

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