Thursday, December 10, 2009

Life Meditations

How much the value of paper money worth 100,000 when taken to the mosque to donate, but how small when taken to the mall to spend!

How long to serve God for fifteen minutes, but how short when we saw the movie.

How difficult it is to find the words when praying (spontaneous), but how easy it is when talking or gossiping with a girlfriend / friends without having to think long-term.

What a fun game when the ball extended extra time but we complain when a sermon at the mosque a little longer than usual. How difficult it is to read a sheet of Al-qur'an but how easy it is to read 100 pages of a best-selling novel.

How giatnya people to sit in front of the game or concert, but more happy to be in the rear ranks while in the Mosque

How Easily make 40 years of sin in order to satisfy lust alone, but how hard it is when abstinence for 30 days while fasting.

How difficult it is to make time to pray 5 times; but how easy it is to adjust the time in seconds at the last moment for a fun event.

How difficult it is to learn the meanings contained in the al qur'an; but how easy it is to repeat the same gossip to others.

How easily we believe what the newspapers say but how we doubted what the Bible says Quran.

How each person wants to enter heaven, if not necessary to believe or think, or say anything, or do nothing.
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