Saturday, December 5, 2009

Small Child & Time

As usual Rudi, the branch manager at a leading private company in Jakarta, arrived at his home at 9 o'clock in the evening. Not as usual, Imron, who had their first son in second grade elementary school opened the door. He seems to have waited long enough.

"Why, have not slept?" Rudi said, kissing her son.

Usually, Imron was already asleep when he came home and was awake when he was leaving the office the morning.

He followed his father into the family room, Imron replied, "I waited for my father home. Because I want to ask how the hell salary Father? "

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"Well, rarely, asked my father salary? Want to ask for money again, huh? "

"Ah, no. want to know. "

"Okay. You can count itself. Every day he worked about 10 hours and are paid Rp 400.000, -. And each month is calculated on average 25 working days, so my father salary in one month how many, come on? "

Imron run took the paper and pencil from the desk, while his father took off his shoes and turned on the television. When Rudi moved to the bedroom to change clothes, Imron ran after him.

"If one day the father paid Rp 400.000, - for 10 hours, meaning an hour's father paid Rp 40.000, - then," he said.

"Well, you clever. Already, now wash your feet, sleep, "Rudi orders.

But Imron did not budge.

As he watched his father get dressed, Imron again asked, "Dad, Can I borrow money Rp 5000, -?"

"Yes, do not need all that. Why ask for money at night? Tired dad. And want to shower. Sleep. "

"But, Daddy ..." Patience Rudi out.

"My father said to bed!" He snapped surprising Imron.

The little boy turned to his room. After the bath, Rudi seems to regret his anger, he was turned Imron in his bedroom. His favorite was not asleep. Imron was found sobbing quietly while holding money Rp 15.000, - in his hands.

As I lay down and stroked the head of the little boy, Rudi said, "Forgive my father, my boy. I love just Imron. Why the hell asked for money at night? If you want to buy toys, tomorrow, 'you can. Not only Rp 5000, - more than any father's love. "

"Dad, I'm not asking for money. I borrowed. I'll return when it's saving more than spending money for this week. "

"Yes, yes, but for what?" Rudi asked softly.

"I waited for my father than 8 hours. I want to take my father to play the snake ladder. Just thirty minutes. Mother always said that if time is precious father. So, I want to buy time father. I opened my savings, there is Rp 15.000, -. But because my father told me an hour he paid Rp 40.000, -, then half an hour to Rp 20,000, -. Money savings less Rp 5000, -. That's why I want to borrow from my father, "Imron said innocently.

Rudi was silent. He lost for words. The little boy hugged tightly.
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