Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Manuela-mirela: I Love the Prophet Muhammad Without Losing Must Jesus

Manuela-mirela Tanasecu, women from Bucharest, Romania was born as an only child of the family who adopted Orthodox Christianity. Although not very religious, mirela family believed in God. Mirela got to know Islam from a preacher from the West Bank, Palestine, Walid Sulayman who later became her husband.

But first, he was interested in Islam after a visit to some Muslim countries like Jordan, Syria, Iran, Pakistan, Malaysia and Indonesia. Once married to Walid in 1991 in Bucharest, mirela decided to become Muslim. He uttered two sentences in the Iranian creed, during a visit to the country.

Mirela interested in Islam because, according to the doctrines of Islam is very clear compared to the doctrines of the Christian religion. For example, the doctrine of the Trinity dinilainya vague, confusing and difficult to understand. "Such doctrine does not exist in Islam that teaches absolute monotheism," said mirela.

He considered more serious Muslims in matters of religion than the Christians in general. "Muslims pray five times a day, while Christians go to church only on Sundays and most who come to church do the people who are old," he said.

One of the striking difference between Islam and Christianity, continued mirela, Muslims have great respect and honor the prophets and apostles, without exception. "This is a point of Islamic power, which indicates that those who love Jesus can be embraced Islam without having to stop the love of Jesus, because Islam teaches Muslims to believe and love God, the apostles," explained mirela.

"So I can say that being a Muslim, I love and glorify the Prophet Muhammad without loss of Jesus in Islam known as the Prophet Isa," he added.

Mirela trip to a Muslim country to open his eyes that Muslims are a people friendly, generous and ready to help anyone who needed help. Before getting to know Islam, Mirale have a negative view of Islam because Islam allows a husband married to four people. Mirale consider it demeaning women rule. But then, he considered Muslim men are concerned with families and their wives than men non-Muslim West.

Mirale say, the West had misjudged the accused Islamic demeaning to women. This view comes about because the West got the wrong information and did not understand the true teachings of Islam. Mirale not dismiss the fact that there are few Muslims who contribute to create a false view of Islam, as un-Islamic behavior.

As a Muslim, the Muslim Mirale urge others to not imitate the lifestyle of Western women. According to him, women in the West is Western civilization has become a very materilistis.

"West claimed to have freed women. But if examined more deeply, the Western women in fact have been treated humanely and not used as commodities and sex objects only. When I came to know Islam, I can say that no religion other than Islam glorifies women," Mirale said. (ln / readislam / eramuslim)
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